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April 10th, 2005 @ 5:06pm]
new livejournal - only certain people will be added. so comment to find out if your one of them.


its no longer friends only - just add me :)

sit down and get comfortable.. this is a lot of reading. [Thursday

April 7th, 2005 @ 9:46pm]
[ mood | truthful ]

Dear Whoever Reads This Letter,

As many of you may know right now, there as been rumors going around, and unknown information thats only been half told. Just so you all know, i have no problem with telling you how i feel, or what i may think. If i think its a big issue, i will take you aside and tell you personally, my thoughts. If i find that its not something that could cause future issues, ill leave it be until brought up. Call me a drama queen, call me a bitch, call me what you want. None of it matters to me, i truly dont care what you say. Im honest in my oppinions and ill say them as i please, if they get you angry in the process, take your own advice and deal with it. If you are a current user of Aol Instant Messanger, also know as "AIM", and you have my screen name added to your buddy list, you may be able to read my current away message that states the following:

"i've finally decided. im dropping everyone that brought
drama into my life. im not afraid to tell you what i think
your no longer in my life. screw you. im goin back to
the people that really care, that would never accuse me
of shit and would NEVER bring me drama. fuck you :-D"

To some that may seem immature, but to me, its a key to freedom. Ever since i entered the 8th grade at Oakridge middle school, and i first started dating Paul Venturini, drama was introduced to my life. And now after almost a full year and a half i've realized that its the friends i made in the proccess that brought it to me. So i've decided that i am going to rid myself of that drama and become the 'loser' everyone knew me as once before. If being a 'loser' is what it takes to be free of this dumb highschool drama, then so be it. I embrace the feeling with excitement. I would like to take the time to apologize to the friends that i left behind when i stopped sitting them, didn't keep in touch, began ignoring them because they weren't 'cool' and i wans't cool talking to them. Im sorry, i know now that i was wrong. But if you speak with me in the halls at certain times you will be able to tell, i still talk with some of those people and this year i've realized, i dont care what others think of me, i'll talk with who i want to talk to.
Now, in the issue with Cailey and her Myspace. Cailey as i confessed earlier today, i always stuck with you, even through our 8th grade year when we weren't friends. And you know it too. I stuck up for you when people posted Anonymous, i fixed your livejournal when people hacked in and defaced it, i've always been there, and for you to accuse me of something like this.. it really hurts. But thats okay, its no longer gonna hurt me.
Also, i'd like to say to sheena. I dont regret telling stephanie my oppinion cause she asked, and nor will i take it back. Stephanie asked for my advice, and i gave it to her. I did tell her that it was a possiblity that you could be jealous of leo and her and i could be wrong. The way you take that in, is your choice, and i wont try to stop you, because i dont really care how you feel about it. Your a good person, but i was just looking at the things that COULD happen. I never said it was true, so dont put words in my mouth and say i did. Oh, and for you to tell me, im immature, and ever since middle school i posted in cailey's journal Anonymous, and Defaced her journal is total bull shit, and i wont stand for it. Do not tell me that if i cared i would have stopped it, i tried, you dont even know half the story. I also could care less on who thinks i like Leo cause truth is i dont. Leo sits next to me in career research, we talk, we talk about stephanie and him, don't believe me? Ask him yourself. i Dont like Leo.
Talk Crap about me, Say rude things to my face, do whatever, i dont care, nor do i mind, as long as you can take the stuff i dish back. Dont add yourself into this, thinking you know what your saying, calling me a bitch and what not, if you cant take what i call you. So save yourself. I'm done being friends with the people who caused drama in my life, and this is the LAST entry in this journal. I might make a new one, it will be friends only, and i will only allow the people i met before the 8th grade, and the people i know wont bring anymore drama into my life. High school should be our greatest years. Why spoil it with freshman drama? i dont understand. I'll stick with what i say, till the end, if you ask me something, ill tell you the truth, im not afraid, if i said it, why lie? Its pointless. If you think your being cool by throwing me dirty looks across the room, or calling me a bitch while passing me in the halls, your wrong, it just proves your not as mature as you think. If you say hello to me, i'll say hello to you, and i'll be on my way. Dont bring me any more drama, i dont want it. And this concludes, my letter to those who want to read it.

Kierce Brenna Bishop

p.s. please excuse the spelling errors within the letter, i am only a freshman, and im not to great with a few spelling suggestions. Thank you for your time. have a great evening.
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March 29th, 2005 @ 5:42pm]
okay well i've decided to screw the friends cut- comment to stay thing. so im just going to cut people i feel should be, so if you see your lj user name, please remove me from your friends list or comment, whatever you want to do.











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February 27th, 2005 @ 9:37pm]
[ mood | lost in thought ]


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