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do you want a song of glory?

well im screeming it in your fucking face


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Hello, my name is kierce bishop, im fourteen, im a freshman at gulf coast highschool. im a huge anime fan, and i love oriental things. i like to hang out with my friends, and play my guitar. i love to play and watch sports, soccer, softball, football, etc. i hope someday soon i can learn to be a better skater. i like all kinds of music, mostly alternitive, 80's (alex), and country. so anyways, if your gonna cause drama, don't bother even looking at my journal. ok. thanks.

"my heart is my own guru"

If you see this your computer blows and wont let you see the picture.. sorry sweet heart :/ -kierce

If you see this your computer blows and wont let you see the picture.. sorry sweet heart :/  -kierce

Ryan is Sexy Love
100x100, 80's, [adult swim], akito sohma, animation, anime, anime color bars, anime music videos, apples, arcades, ayumi hamasaki, battle royale, black haru, bloodberry, books, cartoons, cherry, chinese food, chobits, cinnamon, clamp, coffee, color bars, comics, conventions, cosplaying, cowboy bebop, dance dance revolution, dashboard confessionals, david bowie, demon diary, di gi charat, dnangel, drawing, dreams, duran duran, echizen ryoma, etc, excel saga, family guy, fanart, fanfictions, fencing, fighting, final fantasy, flcl, friends only banners, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, furuba, fushigi yuugi, futurerama, fuu, g gundam, german, graphic design, gravitation, green tea, gundam seed, guns, haruno sakura, hatsuharu sohma, hellsing, hikaru, hitori, home movies, hugs, icons, inuyasha, kagome, kagura sohma, kierce bishop, kingdom hearts, kisa sohma, kurama, kyo sohma, lime, livejournal icons, magic knight rayearth, manga, maroon 5, marvel comics, miroku, misha, mission hill, momiji sohma, morning musume, motorcycles, movies, my chemical romance, naruto, necklaces, oh my goddess!, outlaw star, pita ten, pocky, ramen, republicans, revolutionary girl utena, rock climbing, romance novels, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, ryan sheckler, saber marionette j, sailor moon, sakura wars, samurai x, sango, sesshomaru, shigure, shippo, sour candy, starbucks, stars, strawberries, sushi, swords, tenchi muyo, the used, the who, tohru honda, umi, utada hikaru, video games, witch hunter robin, x/1999, yu yu hakusho, yuki sohma, zelda, ¿, , ,